[XeTeX] letter.dabase.com

Kai Hendry hendry at iki.fi
Thu Nov 1 23:30:41 CET 2007


I run a letter helper service http://letter.dabase.com/ which I am
keen to utf8-ify like the Web's form inputs.

I am interested in xetex as it seems to have better unicode support.
However I've come across a couple of issues. The interesting i18n
samples I have tried seem to require fonts that aren't on my system.
Isn't there some generic (free) font like DejavuSans that it could
just fall back on?

Secondly my letter.tex template has taken some convincing to get
compiled by xetex. Or rather xelatex.

xetex seems to ignore that %&program=xelatex in the header.

It also seems to ignore unicode I think(<ä> 228, Hex 00e4, Octal 344).
Despite %&encoding=UTF-8 Unicode and \XeTeXinputencoding{utf8} thrown
in for good measure. Perhaps I am missing a font?

I probably need to read the docs more. Though here is my first
experiences nonetheless.

I'm using a Debian unstable machine btw for testing. nn,
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