[XeTeX] Type 0 instead of Type 1?

Dirk-Jan Dekker djdekker at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 07:30:22 CET 2007

Hi all,

I installed Leopard using erase & install, and MacTeX (version
MacTeX20070829.dmg). I typeset my documents with XeLaTeX and xdvipdfmx in
exactly the same way as under Tiger, but... now my Type 1 fonts are getting
embedded as CID Type 0 (Identity-H). The documents didn't change, the
settings in TeXShop 2.14 are still the same, the fonts (Adobe Minion Pro)
are the same as before. Under Tiger, I installed XeLaTeX using i-Installer.

How can I force XeLaTeX and/or xdvipdfmx to embed the Minion Pro fonts as
Type 1 fonts again, like they used to do?

A font that still gets embedded as a Type 1 font is LCIRCLE10.

Thanks for any suggestion!

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