[XeTeX] Weaving xetex.web

Micah Cowan micah at cowan.name
Sat Mar 17 08:22:33 CET 2007

Akira Kakuto wrote:
>> I'm interested in studying XeTeX's source to understand it better, and 
>> to take full advantage of some of its features. The best way to do this 
>> would seem to me to be to obtain a weave from xetex.web. However, when I 
>> attempt to do this, I obtain only the Index and Table of Contents, with 
>> no actual content/nodes.
> I don't know web details, but it seems that, e.g.,
> {@"10000 to separate char and command code}
> gives an error "! Illegal use of @ in comment."
> {|@"10000| to separate char and command code}
> seems to be ok. Jonathan ?

Yes, I was encountering those; however, they're just warnings and don't
actually halt processing. I fixed them primarily by doubling @@s within
comments, where that hadn't been done, and processing went through with
only a warning about an unused node (something about |k|...), but the
resulting DVI/PDF still had only Index and ToC.

Interestingly, the .tex result itself seems to contain all the
descriptions and whatnot, so I don't know if something is silently
halting the process or whatnot. Perhaps enabling \tracingall and doing
some major rooting around could illuminate things, but I thought someone
might already know what the problem might be.

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