[XeTeX] how can i transfer xetex source file to html.

liyunhua2004 liyunhua2004 at 163.com
Fri Jul 27 17:13:35 CEST 2007

hi,  i want to transfer xetex source to html, i use xelatex get pdf file, then use pdftohtml to get html file. but there are some promble. 
all of the blank space between the line number and the content was dropped. in lstlisting evironment.
    line one.
    line tow.  
in the pdf i get the following output.
1    line one.
2   line two.
but after pdftohtml, i get the following output from html.
line one.
line two.
is there any way to get correct html from xetex source file?
thank you and sorry for my english.
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