[XeTeX] Computer modern

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 17:50:01 CEST 2007

On 26/07/2007, at 23:54 , Gerrit Sangel wrote:

> Is there a way to use a normal LaTeX font? It perfectly suits for  
> me, so I
> would like to continue using it.

Yes, but there are many variables involved with why you are having  
problems. That is, there are probably a few different ways around  
your problem but one of them is probably easiest. Are you using a Mac  
or a PC? Can you send a minimal example of what you're trying to do?  
It should just contain your font loading code and a sentence or two  
in the different languages you're trying to typeset.

> What are the commands, apart from \setromanfont, for using another  
> Font for
> the Headlines? If I don’t specify anything, the does not print any
> non-ascii-Character. In German, this may be solved by using another  
> sentence
> where no umlauts are present, but that would not work with Chinese and
> Japanese.

Either the sectsty or titlesec packages would be the best options in  
this case. sectsty is probably easier to use for small adjustments,  
but titlesec allows much more flexibility. They both have very good  

Hope this helps,

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