[XeTeX] Printers & PDFs created by XeTeX

Evgenie Medvedev medvedev at project7.ru
Mon Jul 23 17:30:42 CEST 2007

William Adams wrote:

> Load the PNG into something which can save out a raster .pdf and 
> place that.

	I've found that ImageMagick can convert a CMYK TIFF into PDF quickly
and efficiently enough, but for some reason it says Helvetica is
embedded into the file regardless, even though looking at the file's
size compared to the original, it probably isn't really in there.

> If memory serves, you need to specify the default text colour too 
> (this is probably why JK was thinking xdv2pdf makes RGB) --- see my 
> e- mail to JK for the code which I used on my most recent project.

	Giving \selectcolormodel{cmyk} in the preamble seems to have converted
most of the PGF/TikZ graphics into CMYK, but for some reason, not all of
them -- it might be that the default color names in TikZ aren't defined
through xcolor, but derived ones like red!20 are, because all of those
definitely became CMYK while the bare "red", "blue" and "magenta" did not.
	I'm not sure if it affected the default text color, though.

> you can run the file through GhostScript and convert all type to 
> paths (which will blow up file-size / complexity).

	 Ow. That'd be bad, even though it's obviously a catch-all solution.
What kind of years since last upgrade should I hope for?

Evgenie Medvedev

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