[XeTeX] Printers & PDFs created by XeTeX

Evgenie Medvedev medvedev at project7.ru
Mon Jul 23 16:13:14 CEST 2007

William Adams wrote:

> Depending on how you feel about multiple proofs (and how much they  
> charge) this can be a valid way to work. (Generate a  .pdf, send out  
> for a proof, tweak RGB original or [your] calibration settings based  
> on proof, repeat).

	Multiple trips to see the proofs and back to twiddle will be more of a
problem than whatever they decide to charge, in my case. :)

> Yes, placed image format / colour models will be preserved, so create  
> in / convert to CMYK in advance.

	I know that JPEG can have CMYK colors in it, so that's one problem
less, but I also know PNG can't, and there's no way to use TIFF that I'm
aware of. Does it mean I can't use a lossless compression format for
raster graphics with XeTeX if I want CMYK, and have to make do with
minimal compression JPG, or is there some way around it? While I could,
in theory, load my images into something like Corel Draw, convert them
to CMYK there and export the objects to PDF while ensuring they're saved
lossless, that is hardly a nice way of doing it.

> Text / rules will be as specified, so specify all colours in CMYK

	Does the default text color (black) get written as CMYK, or some kind
of code that translates independently into CMYK or RGB, or do I have to
specify it too?

Evgenie Medvedev

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