[XeTeX] Printers & PDFs created by XeTeX

Evgenie Medvedev medvedev at project7.ru
Mon Jul 23 15:01:55 CEST 2007

William Adams wrote:

>   - RGB -> CMYK conversion

	I kept meaning to ask about that bit. My favorite printer company
prefers PDF, but they also warn you that if anything inside is in RGB,
fixing any color drift is your problem, since the best they can do with
it is print a proof.
	Is there a way to somehow ensure that all colors in a XeTeX-generated
PDF are in CMYK already, through some special handling of images before
insertion or through a TeX mechanism? Failing that, is it possible to
convert a resulting PDF to CMYK for printing somehow and see if there's
a problem before submitting?

Evgenie Medvedev

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