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--- Adam Twardoch <list.adam at twardoch.com> wrote:

> > Far better would be some sort of environment where
> spaces could be  
> > preserved and passed into the OpenType layout
> engine --- say  
> > something like \XeTeXhbox{Mutter Mutter Mutter}.
> If I understand  
> > things correctly, the issue is that the layout
> engine is denied  
> > access to the spaces so as to allow TeX to
> determine linebreaks ---  
> > wouldn't that then allow for the possibility of an
> environment where  
> > linebreaks aren't allowed?
> >   
> I agree that this would be interesting even as an
> interim solution.

And in
Jonathan Kew wrote:

> Not at present; the prior issue would be devising a
processing model  
> that allows the text to carry such attributes without
> with the standard shaping behavior. Color alone is
> straightforward (though it still raises the problem of
tracking the  
> association from source characters to rendered glyphs,
which may be  
> far from simple), but people will want to vary many
other attributes  
> as well, such as OpenType features -- and that raises
all sorts of  
> complications for the whole OpenType shaping process.

Suppose we have a TeX primitive interface to
then, since we already have \XeTeXcharglyph &co.,
with a small change around getGlyphPositions(),
you can transfer the responsibility to TeX macro

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