[XeTeX] xdvipdfmx segmentation fault

Kazuo Teramoto kaz.rag at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 01:34:19 CEST 2007

Hi, I'm using linux (Gentoo) with Texlive 2007 and xdvipdfmx 0.4 when
I try to convert a xdv to pdf I got a segmentation fault: like this

\text abc

Compiled with 'xetex -no-pdf test.tex' and trying to convert with
'xdvipdfmx -vv -E test.xdv' what I got is:

DVI Comment:  XeTeX output 2007.07.14:2030
test.xdv -> test.pdf
fontmap: Verdana/H -> /usr/share/fonts/corefonts/verdana.ttf(Identity-H)

pdf_font>> Input encoding "Identity-H" requires at least 2 bytes.
pdf_font>> The -m <00> option will be assumed for
pdf_font>> Type0 font "/usr/share/fonts/corefonts/verdana.ttf"
cmap_id=<Identity-H,0> opened at font_id=<Verdana/H,0>.
>zsh: segmentation fault  xdvipdfmx -vv -E test.xdv

Can someone help me? I already tried all the example givem by Xetex
all I get seg. fault on all...

Where I can find a xdv file to test my xdvipdfmx?


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