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Hello all.

I think the specific discussion of this matter should continue off list, but 
in a desperate attempt to relate it to the legitimate job of XeTeX, might I 
just note that the impetus behind the Unicode project is surely to 
facilitate civilized communication between human beings all over the planet, 
and it is a great shame to see experts in the field squabbling at a personal 
level over these matters.

While all XeTeX users are involved in the business of presenting written 
languages, I think we should spare a moment at this juncture in the 
discussion thread to think of the many thousands of preliterate cultures 
which were displaced by our ancestors:  these forgotten people lived and 
flourished all over Europe and other parts of the planet, spoke languages 
that we would dearly like to know more about, but had the misfortune not to 
be able to leave any written accounts of their way of life, so alas XeTeX 
and Unicode cannot come to their rescue.  The Greeks invaded Greece, the 
Celts invaded Britain (then the Romans, then the Vikings, then the 
French...!), and so on, evicting or assimilating the previous tenants, and 
no doubt destined to be evicted or assimilated them(our)selves in due 
course.  There are possibly a few - very few - in Africa who can say they 
sprang from the soil (and DNA profiling might yet allow them to lay claim to 
that venerable status); the rest of us are colonizers, invaders, and 
modfiiers and vandalizers of preceding cultures, not deliberately (well, 
sometimes...) but just because we instinctively move to take over attractive 
locations, which are almost always already occupied.  We are all cuckoos.

In the meantime, can we not try to get on a bit better?  We are all going to 
be 'evicted' soon on an individual level when death catches up, so I hope 
the available time can be used to further the cause of civil discourse 
between people from every linguistic culture, in which Unicode and XeTeX 
play such an important part.

Oh dear, maybe I should have become a minister....



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>> Nikola has already written an excellent answer to
>> that.
> I do not think so. Playing tricks with denotations,
> sense and meaning is not an excellent answer at all.
> This approach does not take into consideration
> time, which is a basic parameter in any logical
> analysis.
>> Sorry, it took me a very long and painful time to
>> understand the meaning
>> of that sentences: I'm in danger thinking too much.
>> So if someone tells
>> me that I'm reducing somthing too much, it's mostly
>> his fault, that he
>> doesn't think enough, or my fault, that I didn't
>> make it simple enough.
> Thanks for calling me an idiot!
>> P.S.: I won't say that any of your feelings are
>> wrong or bad. But to
> Who talked about feelings? Here we have a systematic
> efford to falsify history which is accepted by
> people like you without even considereing the facts.
>> deal with them they must be carefully sorted. In
>> fact you are speaking
>> about your feelings and use the language of a
>> scientific discussion.
> And so I am doing a non-scientific discussion and
> you are discussing scientifically. It is impossible
> to communicate. We as a nation have a history of
> more than 4000 years and the Greek culture has
> deeply affected all Western cultures. On the other
> hand, most European nation do not have this history,
> tradition, heritage and so they are not in
> position to understand our way of thinking. At any
> rate, I am not going to answer to any other posting
> related to this issue.
> Apostolos
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