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Tobias Schlemmer keinstein_junior at gmx.net
Wed Jul 4 10:19:35 CEST 2007

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Apostolos Syropoulos schrieb:
>> Sorry, but you are doing a common logical Mistake: If you say that
>> Macedonian is a Slavic language, you don't say that there can't exist a
>> Greek Macedonian. The original posting didn't tell us anything about it.
>> Especially it didn't say anything about it's existence or absence. 
> If we accept that Aristotle's law of the excluded middle is correct, then
> you are the one who makes a logical mistake: either the language is
> slavic or not. And why not say that there is no "Macedonian" language
> but a Slavomacedonian language, which makes it crystal clear what are
> we talking about.

Nikola has already written an excellent answer to that.

> I will not comment on the rest of your message as
> I totally disagree with the ideas presented. Also, I find them too simplistic 
> and in the spirit of: Hey everyone on this planet drinks coca-cola, listens to 
> rock music, and wears blue-jeans, so we are all the same. We are not! 

Sorry, it took me a very long and painful time to understand the meaning
of that sentences: I'm in danger thinking too much. So if someone tells
me that I'm reducing somthing too much, it's mostly his fault, that he
doesn't think enough, or my fault, that I didn't make it simple enough.

> PS Remember, Einstein once said: Make it simple, but not simpler. 

Try to understand the content before you call it too simple!


P.S.: I won't say that any of your feelings are wrong or bad. But to
deal with them they must be carefully sorted. In fact you are speaking
about your feelings and use the language of a scientific discussion.
Both should be considered in separate discussions. I know that is nearly
impossible, but it's very helpful to try it in such discussions.
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