[XeTeX] mapping and Latin Modern font

Robert Spence spence at saar.de
Tue Jul 3 19:41:34 CEST 2007

Hi Alex,

On 03 Jul 2007, at 18:31 , Alex Hamann wrote:

> I am using a utf-8 encoded tex-file, process it with xelatex using
> xdvipdfmx and want to have it typset with latin modern fonts.
> calling
>    \usepackage{xunicode, fontspec}
> gives me everything I want except for the correct mapping of
> ligatures e.g. "--" and "---"
>  From the fontspec manual I could only gather how to get the correct
> mapping when using the setromanfont-option.


then do
or whatever else you need to do with fonts.

Should work.

-- Rob Spence

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