[XeTeX] An (almost) complete cyrunicode.tex

Arnošt Štědrý stedry.arnost at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 07:38:59 CEST 2007

You can find a collection of  Cyrillic-based language alphabets and
additional information's on  Karel Piska pages:


especially http://www-hep.fzu.cz/~piska/CyrillicAlphabets.ps (in Russian

see too: http://www-hep.fzu.cz/~piska/cyrord.ps.gz  and
http://www-hep2.fzu.cz/~piska/noinfo.txt (missing languages)


Arnost Stedry

On 6/29/07, Evgenie Medvedev <medvedev at project7.ru> wrote:
> Alexej Kryukov wrote:
> > I just would note that so-called
> > "Cyrillic epsilon" looks very similar to REVERSED ZE U+0510/U+0511 and
> > should probably be identified with it.
>         Didn't look close in the Computer Modern font, but I guess we
> don't
> have better leads.
> > \textcompwordmark is an invisible character used to break ligatures.
> > It is normally identified with ZERO WIDTH NON_JOINER U+200C, but,
> > anyway, you should not care about this character as it has nothing
> > specifically Cyrillic.
>         The whole point of collecting this definition set was to make
> something
> suitable for adding into xunicode, so that you wouldn't notice the
> difference between LaTeX and XeTeX when using babel and other packages
> which depend on it. So it's a question of whether it's defined to
> something that makes sense before babel kicks in. Is it?
>         Anyway, here's the list updated with all the suggestions. I've
> also
> included the letters themselves in comments to make checking easier.
> --
> Evgenie Medvedev
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