[XeTeX] XeTeX, LaTeX, HTML and beautiful typography

Rene Borgella macmechanic at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 31 21:04:54 CET 2007

Thanks William for your suggestions and info!  I tried finding the ``One
Typeface ...'' document by searching the list archives but had no luck.
Could you please direct me to it?



William Adams wrote:
> Use XeTeX as xelatex --- that way it _is_ LaTeX and the only  
> differences are hidden by driver files and you use it just like LaTeX  
> except that you get some different features in graphics handling (if  
> using OS X, e.g., .tif support) and font access (for which use Will  
> Robertson's FontSpec and read his excellent documentation).
> There're a number of sample documents which have been sent to the  
> list --- you may find my ``One Typeface: Many Fonts'' of interest. A  
> slight difficulty w/ xetex samples is of course that they frequently  
> depend upon access to opentype fonts which are likely commercial.  
> That said, fonts are much cheaper than they were in the past (see my  
> recent comment on the price of Poetica Std compared w/ the price of  
> Poetica I and II) on comp.text.tex.
> William

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