[XeTeX] linguistics trees using qtree: no go

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Jan 31 16:42:57 CET 2007

Le 31 janv. 07 à 11:50, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> The solution is to switch to the xdvipdfmx output driver, which you  
> can do by creating a new engine for TeXShop (or equivalent for  
> other environments). This has some (limited) support for dvips- 
> style \special commands, and may be able to draw your trees; or you  
> can say \usepackage[dvipdfm]{pict2e} in order to use a driver based  
> on PDF \special commands.

The ability to use xdvipdfmx is quite convenient on the Mac. What  
I've noticed:

- It seems to produce much smaller PDF files that xdv2pdf (like 100  
KB with xdvipdfmx and 500 KB with xdv2pdf, for the same input file).

- The impression of documents produced by xdvipdfmx seems to take  
longer. (Here on an HP LaserJet P3500, the printer spends a bit of  
time processing each page individually before printing it.)

- Thanks to xdvipdfmx, it's possible to use the hyperlinking  
facilities of eplain (which only offers drivers for hypertex, pdftex  
and dvipdfm). This week I was working on a document for which I  
wanted to use plain TeX for a change (instead of LaTeX that is), but  
I needed color and hyperlinks (I would have liked bookmarks as well,  
but that doesn't seem possible). This wasn't too difficult to get  
with eplain and xdvipdfmx, using input like:

\input eplain
\input ifxetex.sty

Regarding the ChaparralPro font that this example uses: I recently  
noticed its availability in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/ 
Fonts/, and found it quite nice. I'm not sure which Adobe app it's  
installed with; I have Reader, Acrobat Pro and Illustrator.

However, the /B font "modifier" of XeTeX doesn't work fully for this  
font: the font comes in 4 weights Light, Regular, Semibold and Bold;  
Light/B switches to Semibold, as I suppose is intended, but Regular/B  
switches also to Semibold, not Bold. Arguably, the Bold weight is a  
bit heavy to my untrained eyes. But isn't Regular/B supposed to yield  

Nothing in the above is important in any way, I was just wondering.

Bruno Voisin

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