[XeTeX] Trimming an included pdf file

Tim Eyre ティム mail at nihilist.org.uk
Tue Jan 30 11:08:16 CET 2007

>I am including pdf files containing graphics produced with pgf in a
>xelatex document, and find that they sit too far to the right on the
>page in the final document. I assume the problem is that the left
>margin of the graphic file is being included in the final file,
>giving a double margin. Once upon a time, when xelatex used the
>\includegraphic command, there was a trim option which be could used
>to deal with this problem. But now with \XeTeXpdffile there is
>apparently no such option. Or am I missing something?

Hans Hagen's ConTeXt includes a stand-alone program called
pdftrimwhite. It takes a PDF as input and generates a trimmed version.
I've used it recently and it works well.


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