[XeTeX] figure placement in XeTeX

Stephen Moye stephenmoye at mac.com
Tue Jan 30 16:33:30 CET 2007

 On Tuesday, January 30, 2007, at 09:38AM, "Rene Borgella" <macmechanic at fastmail.fm> wrote:
>Hi again,
>Just a slight detail question.
>In LaTeX, one could force the placement of a figure using:
>Is there a method to do this in XeTeX?  I see that !h seems to be
>ignored. Is there a package or other command I should be using?
>thanks so much and sorry for all the dumb questions!!!!

As has been said here before: No question is dumb.

Actually, LaTeX may very well be ignoring your !h -- LaTeX has its own wierd notions of just what 'here' means: generally (even with the !) it means 'here, should you feel so inclined.'

You could consider using:


which allows a 'H' option when really does mean: ' Here, and nowhere else -- and I really mean it!'

Stephen Moye

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