[XeTeX] Trimming an included pdf file

Shunichi Amano s-amano at jaist.ac.jp
Tue Jan 30 10:50:42 CET 2007


Some kind of trimming is possible.


,though I don't know it well.

Shunichi Amano

On 2007/01/27, at 13:58, Malcolm Ross wrote:

> I am including pdf files containing graphics produced with pgf in a
> xelatex document, and find that they sit too far to the right on the
> page in the final document. I assume the problem is that the left
> margin of the graphic file is being included in the final file,
> giving a double margin. Once upon a time, when xelatex used the
> \includegraphic command, there was a trim option which be could used
> to deal with this problem. But now with \XeTeXpdffile there is
> apparently no such option. Or am I missing something?
> Is there a simpler way to deal with this than cropping the graphics
> manually in a graphics application like GraphicConverter? (I'm
> working on a Mac).
> Malcolm
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