[XeTeX] Fwd: [OS X TeX] Wanted: XeTeX HOWTO

Arno Kruse ak2.71 at gmx.net
Sun Jan 21 10:10:56 CET 2007

Hello Bruno, Peter, Will,

as so often I am concerned about your willingness to help (and your  

But this thread has taken another direction than I had in view. I  
must have formulated inexactly, so I shall try again:

My main reason to write was to point out a general problem: Many  
programers create wonderful programs - the TeX world demonstrates,  
what I mean - but they often do not create wonderful tutorials or  
manuals or similar helping instructions. A beginner, an amateur in  
general, has special needs and wants, totally different from yours -  
Bruno, Peter, Will.

Take the man pages in Unix. They are written from experts to experts  
who want to refer to a special command in a quick manner. For me  
these pages are absolutely useless.

My disappointing experiences concerning XeTeX and fonts in general  
(so I have bought Lucida fonts some months ago and despair, the lot  
of instructions published on the Mac TeX mailing list appeal scaring  
to me) were only meant as an example, I did not want to affront or  
insult anyone.
(Bruno wrote "I think it's a bit unfair to say XeTeX is useless,  
without even mentioning if you did locate some doc and read it." -  
sorry, I apologize, if I have made the impression to think that way.)

So, my wishes in a clear (I hope so) sentence: Please, do not only  
develop (great) programs, but try to write understandable helps too -  
understandable even for a beginner.

Another point: I do not like to write so much about my problems with  
XeTeX and my further .tex files here because these special questions  
are not interesting for the other readers. If there is anyone willing  
to give me detailed instructions, please contact me privately. But  
this is not necessary, I think I shall switch to OO or pages, there  
are too many wasted hours and too many failings during the last years.

Again, many thanks again for your help - and excuse me, whether I  
have articulated vaguely again.


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