[XeTeX] fontspec doesn't like authors with accents...

Fabrice Nauze F.D.Nauze at uva.nl
Thu Jan 11 12:19:48 CET 2007

Hi there,
Thanks for the advices! The \setromanfont does indeed the trick
[however, I'm quite found of the default latex/xelatex font (which is  
it by the way?) and use xelatex mainly to get some korean sentences  
here and there. Therefore I'd rather not search for a nice font  
containing Turkish vowels (and bold/italic/bold italic: Hoefler Text  
doesn't contain all that) just to get names of Turkish authors  
correctly in the citations.]

I've played around with some parameters and it seemed that my problem  
was actually a harvard package vs xelatex issue. I had the 1993  
version of the harvard package installed so I've updated it with the  
harvard-latex of 1995 and BINGO, everything works fine: I can use my  
ugly accents in the bibfile, keep the default xelatex font and use  
fontspec at the same time.


PS: I know, next time I'll check whether my system is up-to-date  

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