[XeTeX] Installer error

Johnny Andersson andersson.johnny at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 15:21:54 CET 2007


installation fails for me with the pre-release version 0.995 package:
(MacBook 2GHz, Tiger)
Johnny-Anderssons-Computer:~/Desktop/XeTeX johnny$ sudo installer
-target /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/ -dumplog -verbose -pkg XeTeX.pkg
installer[1360]: Distribution: XeTeX
installer: Package name is XeTeX
installer: Installing onto volume mounted at /.
installer: Preparing for installation.....
installer[1360]: Starting installation:
installer: Preparing the Disk.....
installer[1360]: Preparing volume "Macintosh HD" for installation
installer:      Preparing Target Volume
installer[1360]: Configuring volume "Macintosh HD"
installer[1360]: Preparing local booted disk
#installer[1360]: Create temporary directory "/private/tmp/XeTeX.pkg.1360Rk38pA"

installer: Preparing XeTeX.....
installer:      Running XeTeX Installer script
installer[1360]: run preflight script for XeTeX
installer[1360]: Install failed: The following install step failed:
run preflight script for XeTeX
installer: The install failed.

The graphical installer fails, too. I'm new to both Mac and *TeX so
any help is appreciated.

e-mail: andersson.johnny at gmail.com
web: http://anderssonj.com

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