[XeTeX] An error with XeTeX (win32) and fontspec package under MiKTeX

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 05:11:28 CET 2007

On 05/01/2007, at 11:31 , Li Huihui wrote:

> So I think this error may be caused by
> the "fontspec" macro package and the Latin Modern fonts, because there
> is no problem if I remove the lines
> "\usepackage{fontspec}\setromanfont{Minion Pro}" or use the "cm- 
> default"
> option with the fontspec package like "\setromanfont[cm-default] 
> {Minion
> Pro}".

Thanks for the report. I haven't heard of anyone using the OpenType  
LM fonts under Windows, so I can't say exactly where the problem is.

Is there a tool under Windows to report whether files are found  
XeTeX? On my Mac, I can type at the command prompt
   $ kpsewhich lmroman10-regular.otf
which gives the output
therefore verifying that the OpenType LM font can actually be found.

There shouldn't be a problem for you to use the [cm-default] package  
option though, unless you really want to use the Latin Modern fonts.


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