[XeTeX] New font to play w/ ``Arno Pro'' bundled w/ the Adobe PS CS3 beta

Stephen Moye stephenmoye at mac.com
Wed Jan 3 19:05:36 CET 2007

 On Wednesday, January 03, 2007, at 08:01AM, "William Adams" <will.adams at frycomm.com> wrote:
>Thomas Phinney says of it:
>> Arno Pro is an Adobe Original designed by Robert Slimbach. It is  
>> something of a modernized Venetian oldstyle; I think of it having  
>> the same relationship to Adobe Jenson that Minion has to Garamond  
>> Premier.
>> Broadly speaking, Arno has the same range of language support and  
>> typographic features that you've come to expect in recent Adobe  
>> releases.
>> The version of Arno Pro seen with Photoshop CS3 beta is also in  
>> beta. There may be further changes in the release version  
>> (including changing the naming scheme back to the same one we've  
>> already been using).
>> More detailed information about Arno will be available in a few  
>> months.
>Optical sizes (and a neat example of why using LaTeX and fontspec w/  
>an indirect reference to the font is better since the size-naming  
>will be changing).
>Pasting in a list of filenames below.

Nice typeface. "otfinfo -f ..." reveals an intriguing array of possibilities.

Is the new optical size naming convention breaking fontspec/XeTeX optical size selection? I've tried

\setromanfont[OpticalSize=72]{Arno Pro}

and this made no difference.

Simple saying:

\setromanfont{Arno Pro}

seems to select either a small (8pt) font or a semibold -- probably the former.

If I want the 10pt, then I have to ask for that explicitly:

\setromanfont{Arno Pro Regular 10pt}

Stephen Moye

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