[XeTeX] A simple font question

mjslouber at berkeley.edu mjslouber at berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 22 16:23:51 CET 2007


    I am fairly new to the Tex world and I have a question about changing
fonts which is probably very basic.  I am running XeLaTeX in TeXShop
on MacOSX.  I want to include symbols from a different font in my
document and so far I have been getting an error message when I try to
typeset the file.  In the past I used the following code and got
correct results:

\font\mathsymbols= "MSBM10" at 11pt

But now I tried to modify this for my font called "Arial Unicode MS"...

%\font\othersymbols= "arialuni" at 11pt

and I get the following error message:

!Font\othersymbols=arialuni at 11.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file r
inst alled font not found.
I.123 \font\othersymbols="arialuni" at 11pt


I thought that I could use any of my OSX fonts with XeTeX, but is the
error saying I can only use a certain format?  Or do I need to place
Arialuni in a certain folder?  I am fairly certain the title of the font
file is correct, and I tried other possibilities.

Thank you,


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