[XeTeX] Pronunciation of "XeTeX" in various languages

Thomas Hühn newsgroups at thomas-huehn.de
Thu Feb 22 00:06:56 CET 2007

Robert Spence <spence at saar.de> writes:

> But this raises an interesting possibility.  Instead of worrying  
> about the difficult initial and final consonants in "XeTeX", we  
> should be worrying about the vowels, which are really far too  
> simple!  I propose we nasalize them, and adopt the Polish spelling  
> "XęTęX".  (In French orthography the "ę" would be pronounced  
> something like "hein", I think.)


Vowel space is continuous, whereas consonant space is quite discrete
(categorical perception), so don't expect me to be able to pronounce a
proper French "e" anytime soon. :-)


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