[XeTeX] EuroBachoTeX

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed Feb 21 22:52:48 CET 2007

Please excuse the noise; re-posting this as a fresh message, as it  
escaped in a slightly incomplete form, and should really have its own  
subject line anyway.

Just a note to remind folks that the combined EuroTeX/BachoTeX  
conference is not far off. It would be great to see a number of  
presentations there showing the neat things you all are doing with  
XeTeX, and how it can play a part in moving the TeX world forward  
into the future.

I'm expecting to be there (with some new features to show, I hope),  
and would also value the chance to discuss the further development of  
XeTeX with interested users; come with your wishes and suggestions,  
and let's see what we can dream up.



for general conference information, and in particular


for the Call for Papers. Don't be shy -- come and share your ideas,  
successes, failures, wishes, etc!


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