[XeTeX] Linking with FreeType 2 on Mac OS X

Jjgod Jiang gzjjgod at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 00:33:09 CET 2007


2007/2/11, Jonathan Kew <jonathan_kew at sil.org>:
> Maybe --with-old-mac-fonts? I'm not sure what the defaults are. There
> was talk of changes to the Mac-specific stuff, so it may be different
> in 2.3.x from 2.2.1; we haven't updated the code in TL yet, as it was
> too close to the release.

Ok, with --with-old-mac-fonts, problem solved! (It's really hard to
determinate from the name...)

Hmm, the original problem I was talking about appears to be some bugs
in Sun-ExtB.ttf [1] - the font I was using. I tried with HAN NOM B.ttf [2] and
succeed to get all the characters I tested displayed in PDF now. (The tex
file I used for testing is attached.)

When trace down the code to the root, there are still some questions I
can't answer, with Sun-ExtB.ttf, xdvipdfmx reports
** ERROR ** sfnt: Freetype failure and exit. The backtrace should be:

sfnt.c:ft_signed_pair (sfnt_get_short)

So I add fprintf(stderr, "%d ", gid); after last_adv =
sfnt_get_ushort(sfont); in
tt_table.c, then got some output like this:

0 1 2 ... 47656 0 1 2 3 ... 42807 42808 42809
** ERROR ** sfnt: Freetype failure 2...

Very weird, huh? (47656 is the max number of characters Sun-ExtB.ttf

[1] http://okuc.net/software/UniFonts.exe (Have to install that in
win32 first :( )
[2] http://vietunicode.sourceforge.net/fonts/fonts_hannom.html

- jjgod.
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