[XeTeX] [OS X TeX] bookmark problem with DVIPDFM(x)

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Feb 7 09:34:58 CET 2007

Le 7 févr. 07 à 08:21, Jin-Hwan Cho a écrit :

> It is possible to insert bookmarks with DVIPDFM(x) as well as
> DVIPS and pdfTeX. With \usepackage[dvipdfm,bookmark]{hyperref}
> bookmarks can be generated automatically with DVIPDFM(x).
> Even though the bookmark worked well in Adobe Reader, it did not
> work on Preview.
> The reason is in the hdvipdfm.def file in the hyperref package.
> The line 64 looks as follows:
>   \@pdfm at mark{dest (#1) [@thispage /\@pdfview\space @xpos @ypos]}%
> After modifying the line as follows
>   \@pdfm at mark{dest (#1) [@thispage /\@pdfview\space @xpos @ypos  
> null]}%
> you can get bookmarks working with Preview as well as Adobe Reader.

Many, many thanks. By applying this fix, it is now possible to get  
with XeTeX + xdvipdfmx bookmarks working not only in Adobe Reader but  
also in Preview and TeXShop. Very convenient for navigating in a long  
document while working on it.

The bookmarks still don't work with XeTeX + xdv2pdf, but I'm not too  
surprised, given xdv2pdf isn't really (and never pretended to be) (x) 

Bruno Voisin

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