[XeTeX] Emacs (X11) and XeTeX -- success

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Feb 6 14:37:35 CET 2007

Am 06.02.2007 um 12:37 schrieb Stephen Moye:

> In the lines you give:
>      Command: %`xetex%(mode)%' %t
> and
>      Command: %`xelatex%(mode)%' %t
> you seem to be using left- and right-quotes. Am I seeing that  
> correctly?

That's the way they appeared for plain TeX. After pressing INS I  
copied the TeX "engine" or command line and changed it to look like  
ready for XeTeX. And when this worked I re-INS'ed another command for  
XeLaTeX re-using the XeTeX line.

Take AUCTeX's presentation in the *customisation* buffer as the  
reference and target!



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