[XeTeX] Emacs (X11) and XeTeX -- success

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Feb 5 13:16:13 CET 2007

Am 05.02.2007 um 12:33 schrieb Will Robertson:

> On 05/02/2007, at 8:52 , Peter Dyballa wrote:
>> No, Stephen, this won't work! Well, it /will/ work as long as the
>> source is free of errors, but when XeTeX or XeLaTeX hit such an
>> error, then they'll prompt for some input. Although it's possible to
>> "input" something into AUCTeX's *output* buffer, this will /not/ be
>> sent to XeTeX or XeLaTeX. The process will get stuck ...
> This infuriates me something terrible when I use AUCTeX on Windows at
> work. Is there a way around it? I can't believe such a vital part of
> document processing and debugging is inaccessible in the most
> advanced LaTeX editor...


there are examples in which entering data works in GNU Emacs. *SQL*  
or *shell* are such modes. What makes them different, is that they  
are /process/ buffers, i.e. they are attached to a bi-directional  
mechanism that transfers user input (back) to the process waiting for  

I always preferred to let TeX run to some end, even when I was  
sitting in front of a real hardware terminal showing only 80×25  
characters. Then I could safely go through the errors shown and  
correct the source accordingly. In a finite loop ...

You or someone else might write an AUCTeX bug report asking for this  
enhancement! It might be useful for long documents when you see your  
big mistake at once and could ask TeX to quit immediately instead of  
running for some more minutes ...



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