[XeTeX] footnotes with opentype superscript, and bibtex with xetex (quotes and hyphens)

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 13:07:44 CET 2007

On 05/02/2007, at 3:45 , lists+tex+xetex at bueno.imap.cc wrote:

> I realize this morning (of course) that my lack of sleep last night  
> was impairing my judgement of little tiny numbers. xltxtra does use  
> OT superscripts. I think I must have had some line of code in the  
> wrong place or something, but now I can't reproduce it.
> What xltxtra does do is to use the default font, which in my case  
> meant it would use old-style numbers.

Actually, I think you'll find you *were* right originally. LaTeX's  
original definition of \footnote involves a \normalfont declaration,  
which undoes all of xltxtra's attempts at using OpenType features to  
get optical superscripts.

> So I did this:
> \makeatletter
> \def\@makefnmark{{\fontspec{Minion Pro:+sups,-onum}{\@thefnmark}}}
> \makeatother
> I'm not sure why, but I like the little codes ;-)

If you wish to continue with the codes, no problem; just use the  
RawFeature option:
It still won't validate your input though (i.e., check that the  
feature exists in the font). Maybe I should change that.

> Then I used the command \addfontfeatures and found that  
> \addfontfeatures{+sups,-onum} doesn't work.

Indeed. But [RawFeature=...] will.

> \makeatletter
> \def\@makefnmark{{\addfontfeatures 
> {Numbers=Lining,VerticalPosition=Superior}{\@thefnmark}}}
> \makeatother
> But that produced superscripts strangely with too much space in front

Hmmm. I can't reproduce the problem. But I'm probably not using the  
same version of fontspec as you. Does this work for you?

\setmainfont{Warnock Pro}

> And while I'm on the subject of footnotes, I've got another  
> question, though maybe not specific to xetex. thefnmark seems to  
> apply to both the footnote number in the text and in front of the  
> note. How might I make only the numbers in front of the notes non- 
> superscript (and add a tad more spacing in between)?

This is a pet peeve of mine. I'd like to add it as an option to the  
footmisc package. Bringhurst recommends this style, by the way, so  
you're in good company to desire this formatting. I use something  
like this:


I'm not sure if this is optimal, but it does what I want. It'd be  
much better to use a new length rather than hard coding "1.8em" in  
those three places.

Hope this helps,

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