[XeTeX] TeX example

Rene Borgella macmechanic at fastmail.fm
Sun Feb 4 18:49:02 CET 2007

Hello all:

*** I _thought_ I sent a response to this but haven't seen it on the
list so I'll reply again -- my apologies if you did already see it.

Robert Spence wrote:
> Hi René,
> Jonathan Kew and Peter Dyballa were wondering out loud on the list a few
> minutes ago what your reasons were for wanting to use XeTeX. 

Mostly because I have read/heard on the MacTeX list that XeTeX allowed
one to use fonts easier. I don't need multi-lingual support. Perhaps
it's best I stick with LaTeX, but I would like to simply specify the
name of the font I'd like to use.  From my examination of the XeTeX
preambles, it looks like one can easily specify different fonts for
headings, text, etc.  Is this correct?  Right now I am trying to
understand the format for doing this correctly.



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