[XeTeX] xdvipdfmx and Type1 fonts

Roland Kuhn rkuhn at e18.physik.tu-muenchen.de
Thu Feb 1 13:51:20 CET 2007


When I was still using pdflatex, I created a setup which would allow  
me to use Garamond Premier Pro glyphs for the letters (also greek)  
and digits in math mode. The solution is heavily using virtual fonts  
and based on the excellent otftotfm tool. When I discovered XeTeX, I  
was extremely happy that I could use the system installed Optima  
font, but being limited to cm for maths tuned my enthusiasm down a  
few notches. However, that didn't last very long, because once I  
discovered that xdvipdfmx can handle virtual fonts, I was extremely  
happy again ;-)

There's only one small nitpick; it's really not a show-stopper  
because everything works quite nicely now: math mode now gets only  
pixel-based pk fonts (setting the resolution to 1200dpi gives  
acceptable results) instead of my carefully converted Type1 fonts.  
pdflatex used my fonts/map/dvips/lcdftools/lcdftools.map file to  
embed the Type1 fonts, but somehow xdvipdfmx does it differently.

Does anybody know where I have to put the mapping information between  
TeX font names and pfb files for xdvipdfmx?

And another thing: I noticed that Garamond in normal text is a bit  
(between 5--10%) larger than my math mode Garamond. I assume that has  
to do with


in my preamble. How can I fix the scaling so that the normal text  
roman font gets a factor of 1?


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