[XeTeX] Problem with oldstyle figures

jadolov k jadolov.chat at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 14:48:42 CET 2007

I had the same problem but after upgrading to xetex build 0.997 all
fonts work perfectly.

2007/12/29, Jonathan Kew <jonathan_kew at sil.org>:
> On 29 Dec 2007, at 3:28 am, James Crippen wrote:
> > I'm using some updated Adobe fonts and can't get the +onum feature to
> > work, whether done in raw XeTeX, or using Fontspec in XeLaTeX. In the
> > past I got oldstyle figures with any of +smcp, +c2sc, or +onum using
> > various Adobe fonts. With these new versions of their fonts I only get
> > them using +c2sc, and never with +onum.
> >
> > The fonts in particular that I've tested include Adobe Garamond Pro,
> > Minion Pro, and Warnock Pro. Older versions of these worked fine, but
> > I upgraded them yesterday and they broke with XeTeX.
> >
> > The fonts all work as expected in applications like TextEdit, Pages,
> > etc. Poking around inside them seems to show that the +onum feature
> > should be working. They're only broken in XeTeX.
> It sounds like something has changed about the construction of the
> OpenType tables, and the layout library used in XeTeX isn't handling
> them properly.
> A possible workaround to try, as you're using a Mac: it *might* help
> to load them with the [Renderer=AAT] option (in fontspec). That will
> use the Mac's ATSUI system for text layout instead of ICU.
> > I'm on Mac OS X 10.4.11 with XeTeX 0.996 and Fontspec 1.13.
> If someone out there has the latest versions of these fonts, and also
> has a recent XeTeX 0.997 build, I'd be interested to know whether the
> +onum feature works there. (I only have the older versions of these
> fonts.)
> JK
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