[XeTeX] Question about emulated font features.

John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
Thu Dec 20 08:21:57 CET 2007

This is timely as I was thinking of experimenting with a small degree of 
font expansion for main text in a Greek edition.

In a Windows installation, is there a relatively simple procedure for 
replacing 0.996 with 0.997 (e.g. just overwriting a file or two with newer 
versions), or would I have to reinstall XeTeX completely?  (If the latter, I 
think I'd wait for the next TeXLive distribution.)

Best wishes


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> On 19 Dec 2007, at 10:27 pm, Michael B. Trausch wrote:
>> On Wed, 2007-12-19 at 21:21 +0000, Jonathan Kew wrote:
>>> There is support in XeTeX 0.997 (the development code in Subversion)
>>> for "slant" and "extend" pseudo-features; with this version,
>>>    \font\sxcharis = "Charis SIL:slant=0.2;extend=1.5" at 12pt
>>> will give a slanted, extended version of Charis SIL.
>>> If you're running 0.996 (the TeX Live 2007 release version), this
>>> was
>>> not yet implemented at that time.
>> Awesomeness.  Two questions, then:  Is the SVN tree undergoing highly
>> active development?
> It goes in intermittent bursts, depending on my available time. (And
> patches from others [hint], though at present they pass through my
> hands on the way to the SVN sources.) There have been over 100
> commits since the 0.996 release 10 months ago, varying from minor bug-
> fixes to several major new features.
> If you do want to try building from source, note that the usual "./
> configure && make" is unlikely to work as-is. See the build-xetex
> shell script.
>> Also, if I were to use the SVN tree, can it coexist
>> with the current install from TeX Live, or would they conflict in some
>> way?
> The SVN source tree just builds the xetex binary, which then needs to
> be installed into a TeX distribution in order to be usable. (You'd
> also want the latest SVN version of xdvipdfmx to go with it. Building
> that can be a bit tricky; you have to help configure find various
> libraries, etc.) I simply replace the binaries in TeX Live with the
> new versions (and revert if I ever need to try something with the
> older release). I suppose it would be possible to have two parallel
> installations in different top-level directories, but I've never
> bothered.
> JK
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