[XeTeX] GFS greek fonts

Apostolos Syropoulos asyropoulos at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 14 13:15:27 CET 2007

>1. The name that XeLaTeX recognises GFS Porson is "GFS Porson Rg"

I have used 

\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text]{GFS Porson}

and it works just fine.
>2. There seems to be an error with the "equal sign" (=) in the following fonts:
> Solomos
equal sign is OK

>Complutum Classic
>Neohellenic Bold Italic and Neohellenic Regular
equal sign is OK and although I haven't tested the other
fonts, I am sure there is no error there. 

>3. There is an error with the "Capital letter omega" in Theokritos
>4. There is an error with the "small letter mu" in Solomos
These are not errors. Just alternative versions of the standard 
forms. If one is not happy with a particular font, he/she can use 
any other. There is no reason to alter fonts just because we do not 
like 2-3 glyphs. After all, font design is a form of art and in art 
either you accept something as it is or reject it as it is. You cannot 
say I like the upper left corner of Picasso's Giernica!


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