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Alexandros Gotsis gotsis at science.tuc.gr
Fri Dec 14 11:06:28 CET 2007

Dear friends,

I am using the fonts of the Greek Font Society regurarly, as I think  
they are among the most beautiful free greek fonts available. I use  
them to write my class notes, papers, letters, announcements etc,  
that is, almost every text that I write in greek. There are, however,  
a few, sometimes annoying, "errors" in the fonts. If one expands the  
test text  that was given at  http://tug.org/pipermail/xetex/ 
attachments/20071211/ac91a83d/attachment.obj and adds a few more  
characters that are also useful in modern greek, one can see that,  
from the 26 fonts there are a few things missing or possibly wrong.  

1. The name that XeLaTeX recognises GFS Porson is "GFS Porson Rg"

2. There seems to be an error with the "equal sign" (=) in the  
following fonts:
Complutum Classic
Neohellenic Bold Italic
Neohellenic Regular
Didot Classic
Bodoni Classic
Bodoni Bold Italic
Bodoni regular
Artemisia regular

3. There is an error with the "Capital letter omega" in Theokritos

4. There is an error with the "small letter mu" in Solomos

5. There is an error with the "greek ano teleia" (the greek  
equivalent of a semicolumn, which is a dot placed at the top, unicode  
char. 0387) in Olga and Solomos.

6. There is an error with the definition of "en dash" and "em dash"  
in the font GFS Didot Bold Italic.

7. Many of the fonts come in otf or ttf variants. Usually the ttf  
variant has fewer errors than the otf.

These are the ones that I have found because, as mentioned above, I  
need to use them. I am not sure if this a problem of the fonts or a  
combination of the Mac OS system and the fact that GFS developed them  
with Windows in mind. I have sent an email to the developing team of  
GFS and, hopefully, they will correct them. In the mean time, is  
there an easy way to replace these characters from another font?

Thank you

Alexandros Gotsis
Technical University of Crete
Dept. of Sciences
tel. +30-2821037259
gotsis at science.tuc.gr

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