[XeTeX] graphics inclusion

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sat Dec 8 06:36:43 CET 2007

On 7 Dec 2007, at 11:15 pm, Guy wrote:

> Thanks for the responses, Jonathan and Bruno.  The problem is probably
> very basic; is there any documentation I could read on graphics and
> XeTeX?  Including my graphic works fine under the graphicx package in
> latex, but I'm missing something with XeTeX.  I followed the advice
> below, but still got the same error ("! Unable to load...").  Can I
> ask the newbie question of what packages or preamble commands, if any,
> are required to use the \XeTeXpdffile command?  And is there a special
> option to use when issuing the "xelatex <file.tex>" command?  I tried
> also "xelatex -no-pdf file.tex" and "xdvipdfmx -v file.xdv," which did
> produce a pdf, but since there was still the same problem to begin
> with ("! Unable to load..."), the graphic was not included.  I had the
> same problem with an otherwise blank article and got the same result,
> so I'm assuming I'm just missing a basic command or bit of
> configuration.  Thanks again for the help,

If you're running xelatex, rather than "plain" xetex, just use the  
graphicx package, and it should automatically do the right thing.  
(And if it doesn't, please show us a minimal but complete example of  
a document that fails, so we can try to diagnose the problem.)

For details of the primitive \XeTeXpdffile command, you'd need to  
look at the "XeTeX-notes" document that I think is included in  
TeXLive; try "texdoc XeTeX-notes". But within xelatex, you don't need  
that; just use graphicx.


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