[XeTeX] Hoefler Text and Guillemets

Maximilian Wollner maximilian.wollner at univie.ac.at
Tue Dec 4 08:56:38 CET 2007


at first I want to thank you for developing XeTeX, it is a great  
thing (application?) and finally convinced me to switch to LaTeX. I  
don't like the typical LaTeX-looks and being a OS X user I am happy  
to be able to use the great variety of really good fonts in LaTeX/XeTeX.

Currently I am using Memoir (to easily change the standard looks) and  
LyX (being a very typical OS X user I like to do as much as possible  
with the mouse and concentrate on the content rather than remembering  
proper commands :)) and Hoefler Text. I am facing two problems:

1. When writing italics, a ß in a German text (http:// 
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ß or http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eszett) can  
not be displayed in italic but is displayed in regular shape instead.  
I consider this rather a bug and I think I can work around it and  
simply avoid using ß in italics but still wanted to mention it.
2. I use German (not French or Swiss) Guillemets as speech marks  
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillemets or http://de.wikipedia.org/ 
wiki/Guillemets) and it works fine for the »double ones« but having  
to insert citations inside citations sometimes I want to use the  
›simple ones‹ I don not get the desired output but instead get  
somthing like this: As Lewis showed: »Political authority was rather  
 >simple<, as it (...)« Whats wrong here and how can I avoid it?

(Disclaimer: I hope, all characters display correctly in your email  
clients. If not and if it is allowed to send pictures to the list, I  
can also send a screenshot...)

Thanks for your help :)

Greetings from Vienna,


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