[XeTeX] footnotes and Didot

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 06:36:01 CET 2007

Hi Cyril,

Ah, now we're getting somewhere. See how useful examples are? :)
The confusing part is how LaTeX defines all its footnote stuff.

\@makefntext is used to create the actual footnote.
\@thefnmark is the number of the footnote
\@makefnmark is used to create the footnote reference in the text

Here's the code that xltxtra uses to change the way footnotes use  

So you can see that this only influences the reference in-text; BUT  
by default this is also used in the footnote at the bottom of the  
page. To get your (very nice) footnotes, your original definition is  

> %this makes Chicago style footnotes:
> \makeatletter
> \renewcommand\@makefntext[1]{%
>     \vspace{2pt}%
>     \setlength\parindent{-1.8em}%
>     \setlength\leftskip{1.8em}%
>     \makebox[1.8em][l]{\normalfont\small\@thefnmark.}#1}
> \makeatother

(Although do you want \small (or even \footnotesize) outside the  
\makebox? By the way, that code looks familiar...did you get that  
from something of mine? Just curious.)

Here's where your problem lies:

> \makeatletter
> \def\@makefnmark{{\addfontfeatures
> {Numbers=Lining,VerticalPosition=Superior}{\@thefnmark}}}
> \makeatother

Just delete this code. xltxtra defines things for you so you don't  
need to worry about it. As an added bonus, if you use a font like  
Hoefler Text that *does* have superior numbers, they'll be used  
instead of the faked superscripts. Except I just checked, and that  
particular feature doesn't work in the TeXLive version of  
xltxtra...you should be fine with the CTAN or SVN version, though.

> If I comment out the second makeatletter, the complaints dissapear and
> it works. If I leave the second makeatletter, I get the complaints and
> the footnote is just a normal 1 stuck to the word.

I think you're misunderstanding what makeatletter does...

Next up:

> I call the font like this:
> \rhead{\fontspec{Estilo}1er décembre 2007}
> \chead{\fontspec{Estilo}\scshape Molière}
> \lhead{\fontspec{Estilo}Auteurs}

I don't know what's causing your problem but to fix the warnings do  
this instead:

\rhead{\headerfont 1er décembre 2007}

Read the fontspec manual for more about that.
Finally, watch out for this:

> Output file removed.
>   )
> (\end occurred inside a group at level 1)
> ### semi simple group (level 1) entered at line 66 (\begingroup)
> ### bottom level

You're not closing a group somewhere...

Phew :)

Hope this helps,

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