[XeTeX] tex-text and more quotes

Apostolos Syropoulos asyropoulos at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 17:34:54 CEST 2007

>There are several people (many, I guess) who consider such mappings a
>huge help. And there is you who hasn't presented any arguments except
>"it can be done in another way". Maybe you could elaborate why you think
>it's a bad idea to make life easier for us? 
I think others have already indirectly answered your question. The << ligature
is not really a typographic ligature but a way to access a glyph of a font.
In other words, if one's system provides her with a problematic input method,
we should not adapt the typesetter to solve this problem. Instead, we need to
ask people who work on the input method to solve this problem. Currently,
it is not easy to type polytonic Greek under OpenSolaris, but it is straightforward
under MacOS X. So should we adapt XeTeX just because OpenSolaris does not
provide for the moment this feature? I have filed a request for feature and I
do hope future releases of OpenSolaris will provide this feature. 

Someone mentioned some problems with Windows. In this case, I think you 
should demand a patch from Microsoft since you have paid for a product which 
does not meet your needs. 

A solution in the middle is to keep tex-text as it is, but since there
are many (?) who need these additional ligatures, Jonathn could include additional
mapping files in the distribution, which implement various "ligatures". So you
could use the "t1-text" mapping, but I will use the tex-text mapping since I
do not need these additional "ligatures" (I press AltGr-[ to get  «  and this
works under Greek Windows too).


PS Of course one could demand to add these "ligatures" in the available fonts...

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