[XeTeX] "new-babel", was: Ancient Greek hyphenation

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Sat Apr 28 17:38:15 CEST 2007

William Adams a écrit :
> While I agree from a humour and written aspect, it's not so great  
> from a verbal / presentation aspect --- who wants to have every usage  
> of the words ``babel'' and ``babble'' disambiguated at every TeX  
> User's Group presentation from now through when ``babel'' is  
> discontinued.
We could disambiguate a little by using the German verb "babbeln" 
instead (which has quite the same meaning as "to babble"): babbeln = 
ba(b)bel + n where n could stand for "new generation" ... ;-)

But since "babbeln" is also used to refer to the dialect spoken in the 
area around Frankfurt am Main ("sie babbeln hessisch" = "they speak 
hessian"), perhaps that would cause too much confusion :-)

> polyglossia gets my vote.
> William
mine too.

So we now have four votes for "polyglossia", and three for "babble". But 
let's wait for Will, Bruno, Yves, Axel and others to give their vote :-)


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