[XeTeX] xdvipdfmx broken on Windows Vista?

caapv 208 caapv208 at yahoo.co.jp
Wed Apr 25 07:48:19 CEST 2007

I wrote:

> This is a useful info!  xdvipdfmx accepts 3 ways of
> loading the graphics/graphicx package.

I apology for the inaccuracy.  I should have read
dvipdfm.def and spc_dvips.c more carefully.  Anyway
I'm glad PDF/EPS inclusion is fixed in xdvipdfmx.

Toralf Senger wrote:

> I can not use the option [xetex] for calling the
graphics package, since I 
> make heavy use of clipping (which xetex.def does not

A temporary workaround is to use either PSTricks or
PGF/TikZ.  Either



\clip (4,4) rectangle (12,12);
\node[inner sep=0mm,anchor=south west] at (0,0)

should work.  Of course the proper fix must be made
in xetex.def but I don't know whether xdv2pdf supports
clipping or not.


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