[XeTeX] "new-babel", was: Ancient Greek hyphenation

Axel Kielhorn A.Kielhorn at web.de
Tue Apr 24 18:09:10 CEST 2007

Am 24.04.2007 um 00:42 schrieb Bruno Voisin:

>  From the people I interacted with professionally, and generally from
> the people I've spoken with, the first things that strikes the reader
> when reading a French document prepared with default LaTeX is the
> English strings everywhere, such as:
> "December 31, 2003" instead of "31 décembre 2003" (from \today)
> "part" for "partie"
> "chapter" for "chapitre"
> "table of contents" for "table des matières" or "sommaire"
> ...
> In particular, if you're a student handing a thesis in French with
> these English words here and there, you're only bound to give a so-so
> impression to the person evaluating the report (who might think
> you're not meticulous enough at best, or not competent at worst).

I'm sorry if you misunderstood me.
For me these translations are essential, but they are a different 
construction site. (As we say over here.)

These translation are usually global for the document, that's why I 
suggested delegating them to the doclang package. Unless I'm mistaken 
this works fine with babel right now and we can simply reuse the code 
(and the ldf).


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