[XeTeX] "new-babel", was: Ancient Greek hyphenation

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 03:18:59 CEST 2007

Hi Bruno,

I think we've established definitely that we need translations of
document strings :) You're right about [negligent] people not caring
about hyphenation, too.

On 4/24/07, Bruno Voisin <bvoisin at mac.com> wrote:
> Do this ; or that ! Why ? Because I am the boss. And you know the
> saying : « The boss is always right ».

Cases like this should be handled by the font (for punctuation
kerning) -- although that might be wishful thinking on my part -- and
csquotes for the, um, quotes. Similarly, we need a csdash package to
perform a similar function for text dashes.

> I imagine that for you the above English text formatted as in French
> feels odd, too.

Yes, but I like it :)

> - All paragraphs start with an indentation, including those following
> immediately chapter and section titles.
> And so forth. Not even to speak about lists.
> But entering these territories things are all but commonly admitted,
> and we're succumbing to what I precisely don't like with babel -- its
> insistence on imposing supposed norms on the author.

Right, I think the two examples you quote there are too
document-specific to worry about for a language-selecting package.
Some English documents use indentation all the time, and surely even
in French documents the style of the lists changes from time to time


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