[XeTeX] xdvipdfmx broken on Windows Vista?

Toralf Senger Senger at mpimp-golm.mpg.de
Mon Apr 23 09:32:13 CEST 2007


thanks for your reply. The way (x)dvipdfmx deals with pdf/eps/ps/jpg is always a bit fussy to me; all the \special commands are a complete mystery to me.

The only thing that matters from my perspective is, that I compiled the document of interest >100 times successfully using the option [dvipdfmx]. It still works on MAC (which I did not update since several month), It still works when I do the xelatex run (--no-pdf) on windows, and generate the final document (from the *.xdv) on MAC using the old 0.3 version of xdvipdfmx.

I can not use the option [xetex] for calling the graphics package, since I make heavy use of clipping (which xetex.def does not provide). Because I have to use [dvipdfmx], I provide bounding boxes (*.bb) for each file that I embed, which -just to highlight it again - worked perfectly until I updated my entire TeX distribution (W32Tex).

The solution is not of critical importance to me anymore, since I generated the the final document that I need to hand in today on MAC, giving xdvipdfmx the *.xdv from windows (plus of course all the source files for embeding). It is a very complex document (>200 pages, 50 pictures, embedded from 15 different PDF, *.bb files for each PDF) and used to fly on the W32 version of xelatex/xdvipdfmx. However, it would be a tremendous annoyance if I have to do the xelatex on Windows and xdvipdfmx on MAC in the future with every document. My normal working PC (that I keep up to date) is the Windows machine, not the MAC.

So-if anybody could reproduce the error and fix the program that is causing it, I would be very happy. If it helps, I could run a very simple test file and provide the *.tex, *.xdv and *.pdf if it helps.

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