[XeTeX] [OS X TeX] xelatex bookmarks don't work in Preview.app

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sat Apr 21 11:15:12 CEST 2007

Thanks for the response, Bruno. Just a couple of small  
clarifications, for those interested in the details....

On 21 Apr 2007, at 8:45 am, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> That's a known problem when using XeTeX's built-in XDV-to-PDF
> converter xdv2pdf (XDV is the extended DVI format used by XeTeX).

It's not really "built-in", it's a separate executable and runs as  
its own process, just like xdvipdfmx does. It may seem to be "built- 
in" because it is used by default, that's all. On other platforms,  
xdvipdfmx appears just as "built-in" because it gets executed by  

> That fix has since been incorporated in hdvipfm.def (currently at
> version 6.75t in TeXLive-2007 and gwTeX), inside the definition of
> \@pdfm at dest at line 110 I think.
> However, even though the hdvipdfm.def file is used automatically when
> running XeTeX, the fix seems to affect xdvipdfmx but not xdv2pdf.

That's correct; xdv2pdf does not use this directly (it cannot,  
because it's not writing PDF itself but relying on CoreGraphics).  
Instead, it interprets the PDF code from hdvipdfm.def and tries to  
create the appropriate bookmarks via the CG APIs. But it doesn't  
handle everything, only some basic functionality.

> Beware though: on a Mac, the cross-platform xdvipdfmx offers less
> functionality than the OS-X-specific xdv2pdf:
> - Regarding fonts: xdvipdfmx supports OpenType fonts, but not AAT  
> fonts.

It does support AAT fonts in general, but may not support all the Mac  
font file formats yet. In particular, I don't think it can handle old  
LWFN-format PostScript fonts. And it does *not* support AAT variation  
axes (as in Skia) or multiple masters; you'll only get the default  
weight/width/whatever of such fonts (along with a warning).


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