[XeTeX] color directives in RL context

François Charette firmicus at ankabut.net
Tue Apr 17 11:05:16 CEST 2007

caapv 208 wrote :
> No, I have dumped .xdv file and confirmed that the
> culprit is actually more in the side of the compiler
> rather than in that of the driver.
> .dvi (.xdv) do not contain any information for font
> directionality, and \special{color push rgb 1 0 0}
> are stored there only with the positional information.
> With Omega, it is .ofm which supplies the necessary
> directionality information.
OK, then the issue is of a different nature than I had imagined... 
Perhaps Jonathan has an idea whether this could reasonably be 
implemented in xetex?

> Do you use e-TeX directional for typesetting Arabic
> with pdftex??? At least the arabtex package doesn't
> use any e-TeX extensions.
I have never typeset Arabic with pdftex using e-TeX directional 
primitives, though it is possible with the Arabi package. I have used it 
in the past for Hebrew though. And I no longer use ArabTeX :-)


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