[XeTeX] (no subject)

Raymond Séroul seroul at math.u-strasbg.fr
Sat Apr 14 13:39:35 CEST 2007

I must write an article about Math. History,
which contains english, greek and arab.

But I have to use a LaTeX format,
with proprietary fonts (an avatar of Baskerville).

I would like to use XeLaTeX, but I have a lot
of trouble with the original LaTeX format.
(My guess : the different syntaxes
about the declaration of font
between LaTeX and XeTeX.)

1) Is there a light way to use a LaTeX format within XeLaTeX?

2) If not, how to rewrite le critical section of the LaTeX style files ?

Thank you.

Raymond Seroul, Universite Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg (France)

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